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Who we are

Yooralla Youth Ministries Australia is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian Youth Ministry. We work with local church communities and other organisations both in Australia and overseas to improve the present conditions of people through physical assistance, emotional improvement and spiritual reconciliation with God.

Urgent Timor Disaster Response

Timor-Leste has been impacted by its first ever cyclone, causing torrential rain, devastating flooding and loss of vital infrastructure across the nation. Thousands of people, already impacted by growing COVID numbers, have lost their homes and have no access to clean water and medical supplies. Landslides have caused the destruction of major roads and bridges. Water and electricity supply has been disrupted or destroyed.

This is a humanitarian crisis requiring an urgent response. We need your help to support local Timorese organisations in the recovery process. Our objective is to raise at least $100,000-00 to provide:

1. 5,000 Water Filters filters for safe drinking water for families
2. vital medical supplies to address the anticipated rise in water borne diseases due to the flooding,  and
3. financial support local communities and organisations undertake urgent recovery programs.
Please check out our Go Fund Me campaign:  https://gofund.me/7a4439f5

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