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Health & Hygiene Education Development

TLC Fund "Good Health" Development Objectives


To serve into raising a generation of young Timorese with the capacity and compassion to holistically transform their nation.


To work together as Partner Organisations by serving into the Vision and Development Objectives and addressing the identified needs of our Timor Leste Partner Organisations and Ministries.

Development Objectives

a. Primary Health Education

- Pre and Post Natal Care

- Early Childhood Healthcare

- Primary (Basic) Healthcare

b. Hygiene and Nutrition Programs

c. Healthcare Leadership Training

- Community Based Traineeships
- Volunteer Programs

d. School Education

- Teacher "In Service" Modules
- Curriculum Development
- Education Resources

e. Accredited Training and Qualifications
    (e.g. Hospitality; Preschools)

If any doctors or nurses are wanting to know more about the Health Program in Timor could you please contact us at the Yooralla Office on Ph: (02) 8883 4360