Yooralla Youth Ministries Australia
For the love of God, for the love of others...


The Timor Leste Children's Fund is a partner of the Yooralla Overseas Development Fund, an Australian accredited charity that seeks to serve into community focused humanitarian development projects.


An American ministry serving the poor in Mexico by facilitating the building of homes, churches, school and medical clinics in Mexico.

Casa Vida




Help and Nurture Developing Societies (H.A.N.D.S) Incorporated is not for profit organisation that wishes to assist the peoples of the world for the relief of proverty, starvation and disease. This will eventually help them to develop their own future.


Here at Holy Trinity we aim to love God, people & life with everything we have. We are a community of people who seek to make a positive difference in this world whilst sharing the love of Jesus wherever we go.


York St. Ballarat Church of Christ

York St is a vibrant, growing Church based in regional Victoria. The Church have joined the Timor Leste Children's Fund as a partner, and will focus their giftedness in serving into the Ministry of Projeto Montanha and a number of local churches in the District of Aileu.


Based in Dili and supported by the Baptist Churches in Brazil (JAMI) Igreja Batista provides language schools, after school youth programs and music tuition in Dili and a number of Districts.


Born out of a dream to establish quality school for needy children in Dili immediately after Independence Shallom School today provides education for 450 children from Kindergarten to High School and Adult education for families.


Projeto Montanha is a registered non-government organisation in Timor Leste.

Their work includes Healthcare and Educational Programs, sustainable Community Development projects, providing Family and Children’s Services, Youth Assistance Programs, Employment Pathway Scholarships and Traineeships and supporting the local Faith Community.


Kids Ark is a registered NGO which was established in Timor Leste since 2003 to work with the poor in Hera, a coastal district stretching  to the foothills of mountains. Caring for the most vulnerable, Kids Ark has developed projects for child survival, improved healthcare, school education, nurture and development.