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Teachers Development Program

Timor-Leste enjoys a high level of participation in basic education in relation to comparable developing countries, with 85% of primary school-aged children enrolled in primary school. Student to teacher ratios are likewise strong, with the country’s average of 30 students per teacher being close to standard ratios in developed countries.

There is, however, a shortage of trained teachers due to the departure of many trained teachers at the end of Indonesian rule and the expense and time required to train new teachers.


Unqualified practising teachers require training in basic teaching skills and principles in order to engage and prepare the young people of Timor-Leste to fully participate in the development of their nation. Yooralla Overseas Development Fund is developing an Education Support Team consisting of qualified primary and secondary teachers, pre-school teachers and health educators.


For further information on participating as a teacher running "Training Programs" please contact Gordon Buxton here.