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Timor Leste 2008 - Laleia


On July 11th – 26th July 2008, 11 young people traveled to Timor Leste. They spent two weeks there and in that time built two homes for Timorese veteran families.

After 24 years serving the nation, Señor Derek finally has a place to call home. The house that we built for him is the first house he has ever owned. Señor Derek joined the East Timorese resistant movement at a young age. He spent most of his life fighting as a guerrilla in the forest. His high dedication and commitment to Timor Leste’s freedom now has been paid.

Señor Derek was finally able to come out from the forest and start to live in his home village, Laleia after the independence in May 2002. Señor Derek now has his own family with his wife, his young son and daughter. After the independence the government gave him a land in Laleia to support him and his young family. He now feels peace and safe in living life in freedom.

His dream is to see Timor Leste developing into it’s own nation and bringing hope to the future generations to continue in the peace and freedom that he fought for.