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Timor Leste 2009 - Seurtulan


In April, 14 young people travelled to Timor Leste. They spent two weeks in a new village called Seurtulan. This place is about one and a half hours in land from Manatotu. Up in the mountain in the middle of East Timor island. The weather is quite dry and hot on the day and bit windy at night. Approximately 75% of the population in this village are under 20 years old.

On this trip, the team has to build a diiferent kind of house. Its a combination between the brick and the wood. Its takes one and a half weeks to complete one home. We want this house still have a sense of Timorese house but with a better and stronger frames and foundation.

The whole village were so happy to have us there and we had the best time in Timor. Everybody loves to help from mixing the cement to cooking banana fried for the team. It is such a privilege to see the smile on their face and to know that this house will bless them. They will live from a little shak to a proper house.

Our goal for this village is to build 37 homes, a medical clinic and a community hall . We will need a lot of help from everyone with any skills who can come to build and be part of the team. Come build hope in this Seurtulan community in East Timor.

Alissa Ryan – Seurtulan,  East Timor April 2009

"My trip to Seurtulan was life-changing. I had the opportunity to experience life in a totally different setting. There were obvious basic necessities missing - such as electricity and the abundance of food that we have- but there were other things present that are not so easily found in our society. One thing that struck me was the sense of community and the close bond that was shared by all in the village. This was extended to us during our visit and I really felt that I was making a difference just by being there."

"It is amazing to see the transformation that is occurring in Seurtulan. Physical needs are being met with the provision of better housing and plan to set up a health care clinic. Spiritual needs are being through the work of Roberto and other WYAM missionaries. Training and skills are being provided to the village people to enable them to be employed and earn a living. I have been there and seen this in action, and its exciting to be part of it! I will definitely be heading back there next year."