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Timor Leste 2014 - Projeto Montanha - Dental Clinic

Projeto Montanha Dental Clinic

It was great to have Dr Eddie Pang and Ann pang undertake a Dental Clinic in Aileu at the Projeto Montanha Dental Clinic.

They were joined by a small team who met with Pastors form the District to develop Health and Hygiene Programs for 2015 and beyond for the Aileu District.

Trip Comments


"The trip has been a settling and yet challenging experience for me. I observed many positive changes since my first trip 5 years ago”

“We visited the Disability Centre to spend time with those who attend for fellowship and care”

“I am so privileged to have seen first hand many of the projects of which our church family has been involved and to witness the enormous difference Yooralla and those partnering with them have been able to make in the lives of so many”


"Meeting some very ordinary and therefore absolutely inspiring people who are using whatever skills they have, whatever resources come their way, and a whole lot of faith to bless the people of Timor Leste”

“I was part of the Teacher Training Team and I enjoyed spending time with the teachers in my group. The teaching days were chaotic and far from perfect, but maybe something I shared was of benefit. The teachers face many obstacles. I pray that being there with them was an encouragement.


"I really enjoyed meeting he Timorese Teachers and sharing a laugh with them. I have received an email since returning to Australia that one school is implementing the new ideas I shared with them"